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5 inch Rail Mount for NEU 1521/1527/1530 motor w/25 mm bolt spacing
5 inch Rail Mount for NEU 5121/1527/1530 w/ 30mm spacing
5" Leopard 56mm Rail Mount
Cooling Jackets
NEU/Castle Creations 1512 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1515 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1518 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1520 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 1717 Cooling Jacket
NEU/Castle Creations 2028 Cooling Jacket
1515 NEU Jacket
1521 NEU Jacket
1527 NEU Jacket
2215 NEU Jacket
L-4074 Leopard Cooling Jacket
Leopard 4074/4082 XL Cooling Jacket
Leopard 5692 Cooling Jacket
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 RC Boat Cooling Jackets and Motor Mounts for most Brushless motors. Our products are used and prefered by RC Boaters around the globe.

RC Boat Cooling Jackets and Motor Mounts

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Having had the opportunity to make Jackets and Motor Mounts for many years, well past
my retirement age for RC Boaters it is time to cut back. 
I greatly appreciate the patronage of all my customers.

I will make Jackets and Motor Mounts on an individual request as time allows if not in stock.
Please contct me for pricing and availability.
Thank You 
David Hampton 


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